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growing together

“Of the best possible quality; excellent”

“the state or time of greatest vigour or success in a person’s life”

“the beginning of something”

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Growing a global community where shared learning and experience create sustainable change

Our Purpose

To foster learning environments in which individuals from around the world can connect, share experiences and learn from each other.  

Proyecto Prime grew from the idea of education creating change and community fostering sustainability. We believe that positive and lasting change can be achieved through the sharing of experience and knowledge in supportive settings.

We aim to grow our global community by allowing people to share their learning, work collaboratively and have amazing and immersive experiences.

Our Focus

We focus on learning as an experience. To help ourselves learn we need to create a meaningful context for all our new information. We provide immersive and practical environments online and in person to help achieve your learning goals.

Content and Language Integrated Learning

To create an immersive environment, allow for real connections and create positive change, we foster community locally and online. The ideas that everyone knows something you don’t and that collaboration creates lasting change are central to Proyecto Prime. We aim to grow together through learning and collaboration.

Our Story

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The idea for Proyecto Prime came from the desire to create positive change through community projects and the difficulty of traditional foundation models to facilitate this process. The aim was to create something that was self-sufficient, actively involved community and created real and sustainable change.


Having witnessed life in Colombia in its different forms, the issue of socially inclined but unwillingly separated communities became apparent. Local Colombians were seen wanting to reach out and get to know foreigners visiting their country, foreigners, experiencing a new culture, wanted to be immersed in local customs and experiences. Language and lack of opportunity separated the two communities and prevented the possibility of mutual learning through shared spaces and experiences.


On a visit to a project in Comuna 13 in Medellín the idea struck that national and international groups could be united through community projects and the desire for learning. However, to support such an active community funding had to be sourced from somewhere and what better place than the community itself. From that moment our support model was born.


Our support model allows for people in our community that are actively involved in our sessions, events and workshops to support and guide our community projects. Simply by being involved our community has the opportunity to provide funding and collaboratively guide the projects we’re undertaking.

Through focusing on health promotion principles we aim to empower individuals and the community to create real and positive change.

Individuals supporting community. Community supporting individuals. Growing together