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Project Description

Community Garden in Santo Domingo Savio, Medellín

The Proyecto Prime student and volunteer community had spent a long time wondering where they could have a shared garden space. Sporadically throughout months we had deliberated over where the garden could be, what it would contain and how we would build it. It had been a basis for many English experiences in our regular classes. There were thoughts of putting a garden near the beautiful lookout under the metrocable or perhaps around the now defunct Parque Biblioteca España. However, the idea struck literally and figuratively above us.

What better idea than to have a visible community garden on the roof of El Cedezo where we had our classes on Thursday. It was a local meeting point and and an active community space that was visible as you flew over it in the metrocable to Santo Domingo station. The space was well frequented but lacked life and colour.

With permission from the El Cedezo team and  with support from MIEO and Tierralab, the Proyecto Prime community was able to start planning El Cedezo Community Garden.

Inspired by the Stairway Community Garden in Comuna 13 the garden was to be made from recycled waste and involve the local community as much as possible. Due to the space available the community decided to use recycled plastic barrels as planters for a rooftop garden. Caroline Bouchat, one of the Proyecto Prime volunteers, went with experts from Tierralab to choose plants suitable for high sun exposure and the mountains of Antioquia.

Happy people

Once prepared, the Santo Domingo and volunteer community paired up with a local event organised by Fundación Trash Art. The date was set to the 7th and 8th of April for the preparation and preparation of the newly renovated space. Proyecto Prime and MIEO provided volunteers, the garden and Frijoles for everyone. TierraLab came with gardening expertise and an experiential horticulture workshop.

The first day was a relaxed session of painting and planter preparation where the local Santo Domingo community and foreign volunteers had an informal language exchange. Those who wanted were able to design and paint there own planter, a task happily taken on by some local primary students.

The big inaugaration and Museo Urbano de Memorias  was a full day of community events. There was live music and performances, gardening and clown workshops and even live haircuts. The space has now been drastically changed with a recycled community garden and Street Art depicting the history of the area.