Growing community through learning and experience

Our community grows through collaborative learning and participation. Everyone can participate  in our sessions, projects and events and also contribute through volunteering and skill sharing.

The network extends from Medellín, Colombia to the rest of the world and provides the opportunity for real connections and shared learning.

We encourage all levels of involvement including volunteering, event attendance and involvement in our learning platforms. Everyone can join and everyone has something to contribute. If you would like to get more involved please contact us.

Growing Together

Learning sessions at Prime - Laureles, Medellín

Prime Projects

Our projects are based around learning and community. They provide a networking platform for Colombians and foreigners and amazing shared experiences. Grow together as a community and grow together as individuals.

  • Social projects based around learning and community

  • Community lead social initiatives

  • International and multi-skilled community

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Prime Partners

Our partners are businesses connected to our wider community. We forge strategic alliances to pass on benefits to our community and also continue to undertake social projects.

Proyecto Prime partners contribute directly to and also lead social projects. Through their collaboration we are able to have a wider and larger impact. Some partners also help fund our projects through their support providing services and products like food, coffee, tours and more.

Collaboration, not competition, creates positive change.

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La Casa Redonda2018-05-30T12:04:50+00:00
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Project Cordillera2018-05-29T16:21:35+00:00
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Learning sessions at Prime - Laureles, Medellín

Be a global citizen

Our global community works to create real social change while helping each other learn. We connect you with other learners from around the world and everyone can contribute in their own way to projects and community.

  • Connect to the world

  • Learn with others

  • Talk about real topics

  • Contribute to social change

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