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learn languages through immersive experiences

We focus on the engaging use of languages . Our sessions break out from the restrictions of a typical classroom environment and get you practising and experiencing languages in an authentic and immersive way.

Through interacting with native speakers and engaging with real contexts you immerse yourself naturally in language. These experiences create strong mental connections between your environment and the language you are learning. Our projects, events and workshops also provide ongoing opportunities to practise and share with others in the community.

Our community stretches out from Medellín, Colombia to the rest of the world. Through interactions, the sharing of knowledge and community participation we naturally grow together.

The Prime community is comprised of language learners, teachers, volunteers and our broader global community.

We grow as individuals with a supportive community.

We grow as a community supported by individuals.

We call our Spanish and English classes sessions because we offer focused and continuous immersion for the use of languages. Rather than use abstract examples and boring textbooks we create a learning environment based off your interests and connect you with a real community.
At Proyecto Prime we use experiential learning to create a deeper understanding and more fluent use of language. We take language learning back to the basic principles of engaging use, direct application and immersive experience. Live and use language to learn in a connected way.
Our sessions are like other Spanish and English classes, only more tailored to you. At Proyecto Prime we personalise content to your goals, context and interests. We make language learning an engaged process with thought provoking resources, real world applications of learning and language immersion opportunities wherever you are.
Learning sessions at Prime - Laureles, Medellín


Learn and improve your Spanish through engaging experiences with native speakers and teachers.

Our Spanish program is designed to be flexible – online and offline.

You can combine your personalised learning  with amazing experiences in Medellín,  rewarding volunteer opportunities and community connections.

  • Introduction to Spanish

  • Fluency sessions

  • Private Spanish sessions

  • Personalised Group Sessions

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Improve your English in immersive learning environments and connect with native English speakers.

We can customise a learning package to your needs and availability –

learn privately, as a business, in private groups or through our other experiences.

  • Introduction to English
  • Corporate English
  • Fluency Sessions
  • IELTS/TOEFL training
  • Personalised and Group English sessions
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