English Sessions

Language through experience

We provide immersive learning environments to help you learn, improve or become fluent in English.

As one of the most widespread and widely spoken languages, English is a great tool to connect you with a global community and provide access to new information. At Prime we use English as a vehicle for further understanding, actively connecting you with engaging resources through real language experiences.

Our methodology focuses on the applied use of language and creates engaging, immersive and supportive environments for learning and developing fluency. English with Prime can involve online and offline content, skills workshops, business English, exam preparation, fluency development and more. We aim to provide learning experiences for everyone.

Develop, create, practise, refine, master

English learning modules

Personalised Sessions

Our immersive sessions are provided by native English speakers. Content is developed according to the CEFR and uses experiences for learning.

All our learning sessions are 90 minutes and are based in our learning space in Laureles, a beautiful tree-lined suburb in Medellín, Colombia.

We normally meet in Laureles and do activities in the surrounding areas. You can also combine our sessions with our volunteer projects and events to have a fully immersive experience and be a part of the community.

Domicilio and custom sessions are available but include additional fees.