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Engaging interactions and personalised feedback

Our English fluency sessions are about building conversational fluency in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Speak with English speaking natives from around the world. Expose yourself to different accents, people and cultures to complete your English learning experience.

We split conversation and feedback into different sessions so that you can express yourself freely and improve your fluency without the typical teacher corrections interrupting conversational flow.

Our fluency platform is designed to encourage the flow of conversation with engaging topics and amazing native English speakers from around the world. You can then go through your conversations with feedback from an English expert to help you improve your vocabulary and form more natural expressions.

Develop your English fluency using engaging topics and themes for conversation.

Interaction Sessions use interesting content to expand your vocabulary and learning. Gain fluency talking to English native speakers from around the world

Feedback Sessions provided by English language experts that help you develop your English and speak in a more natural way.

We use a curated list of engaging materials to encourage conversation. The topics and themes are varied so you can expand your vocabulary while gaining fluency. In everyday conversation and at language exchanges you don’t normally get the chance to expand conversations beyond the basics. We’re here to offer that opportunity to everyone, wherever they are.

Our native English speakers chat to you as conversational partners, not as teachers. Conversations should be as natural as possible without corrections interrupting the flow. We provide this relaxed environment so you speak freely about engaging topics.

Feedback is provided at a different time after your speaker sessions. We provide an opportunity for uninhibited conversation and then work through English to improve fluency and work on trouble areas. This can be done online, in Prime or via domicilio

  • Internet Connection
  • Headset or headphones with microphone
  • If on mobile – app download
  • An interest in growing and learning



  • 2 Interaction Sessions
  • 2 Feedback Sessions


  • 4 Interaction Sessions
  • 4 Feedback Sessions


  • 8 Interaction Sessions
  • 8 Feedback Session