Custom Group Spanish Sessions

Learn and use Spanish as a group in an interactive and dynamic setting.

Prime group Spanish sessions are designed around your needs. Group up with friends, travel partners, work colleagues or roommates for a personalised learning experiences. We connect you with our Spanish speaking community and teachers and design a learning experience based on your needs and wants.

Connect with your group online and offline and continue your learning outside of the classroom in our learning portal. We also have various volunteer options, events and workshops that can connect you our active Spanish speaking community in Medellín.

Our sessions are not like typical classes because we customise your learning journey and focus on the use and application of language. Develop Spanish with people you know and with experiences and activities designed around your mutual goals and interests.

Group Sessions

All sessions are 90 minutes and are based in our learning space in Laureles. We normally meet in Laureles and do activities in the surrounding areas. You can also combine our sessions with our volunteer projects to have a fully immersive experience and be a part of the community.

10,000 COP for every extra person in your group.


2 people

  • 35,000 each

3 people

  • 27,000 each
  • save 20%

4 people

  • 22,500 each
  • save 35%

5 people

  • 20,000 each
  • save 43%

6 people

  • 18,000 each
  • save 48%

Engaging, interactive, immersive and fun

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Need a group?

We can help find you a group.

Ideally, we like to work with groups of friends, colleagues or family but sometimes this isn’t possible.

Tell us a little about yourself and your goals and we’ll do our best to find you an appropriate group.

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