A personalised learning experience

Private sessions let you learn and develop Spanish at your own pace in a personalised, interactive and dynamic setting.

Private Spanish sessions are provided by trained native speakers. Sessions utilise our active local community and partner network. We also have various volunteer opportunities, workshops and events which are great to really immerse yourself in the culture. Online content connects you to our local community and support our projects.

Our sessions are not like typical classes because we personalise your learning journey and focus on language as an experience. Develop Spanish at your own pace and with experiences and activities designed around your goals and interests. Immerse yourself in content personalised for you, by you. All your content is saved on your personal profile in our Prime Portal along with other useful resources.

Use engaging learning techniques to increase your vocabulary, learn natural expressions and maintain your own library of learning resources.

Private Sessions

All sessions are 90 minutes and are based in our learning space in Laureles. We normally meet in Laureles and do activities in the surrounding areas. You can also combine our sessions with our volunteer projects to have a fully immersive experience and be a part of the community.

Private sessions allow a flexible timetable and varied intensity. Choose how you learn Spanish, where you want to be and what we cover.


5 sessions(7.5 hours)

  • Personalised learning resources
  • Engaging activities
  • Immersion opportunities

10 sessions(15 hours)

  • 5% discount
  • Personalised learning resources
  • Engaging activities
  • Immersion opportunities