Learn or improve your salsa skills with classes that support social projects.

Salsa classes for 1-8 people at Proyecto Prime in Laureles. Practise cuban salsa in English or Spanish and then go out and enjoy local salsa clubs like Son Havana or  Tibiri.

Private classes and group classes can be organised.

Samara has been dancer from when she was growing up as a kid on the Caribbean coast. She loves most dance styles but focused on Cuban salsa classes in English and Spanish.

Samara is a dance lover and enthusiast. What she loves most about teaching is seeing how her students fall in love and let themselves be moved by the rhythm of the music- they learn and advance. Cuban Salsa is part of a therapy, perfect to leave your troubles aside and integrate your movements with the compas of the music and expressing yourself and your emotions through your body.

Cuban salsa is a more relaxed and flowing style of salsa. It has its roots in Afro-Caribbean culture and this gives cuban salsa it’s sabor.

The first steps of Cuban salsa developed in El Casino Deportivo in Habana and other dancehalls in the Cuban capital at the end of the 50’s. From these roots came the name that Cuban salsa has in Cuba: Casino.

Cuban salsa is characterised by the steps being executed in a circular form. Dance partner spins are done around a central point and this is what differentiates the style. Partners in this style dance more together and with shorter movements, it is very playful, rhythmic and energetic and is not associated with competition styles. Like other ballroom styles, Cuban Salsa’s cadence comes from the country where it is born and you dance it a flirtacious and social way.


  • 4 hours = 180,000
  • 10 hours = 400,000


  • 5 hours = 25,000 each
  • 10 hours = 20,000 each

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Phone – +57 314 7919012
Instagram – @samara_qs

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