Proyecto Prime - Learning + Community | Based in Medellín, Colombia

Proyecto Prime

Growing together

Proyecto Prime is a social enterprise focused on learning and community.

Our online and face-to-face sessions in Medellín provide ongoing support for social projects by Prime and our partners. We focus on learning English and Spanish through experience and immersion.

We believe that learning is the process of adapting to something new and that we can enjoy the process in a relatable and meaningful context.

We use language and other skills in an immersive learning environment where content is personalised, thought provoking and engaging.

Engaging content lightbulb

Engaging Content

Enjoy the journey with interesting themes and discussions to help you learn

Expertiential learning brain

Experiential learning

Use Spanish & English to learn and develop other skills through experience

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Socially Conscious

Your involvement helps supports social projects by Prime and our partners

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Cultural Immersion

Get involved with our global community based in Medellín, Colombia

Our projects are guided by a health promotion ideology adapted to a learning context.

We aim to be a part of both community and individual development – growing together

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Santo Domingo Sessions2018-05-17T13:21:42+00:00
Stairway Sessions2018-06-07T09:15:11+00:00
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  • Empowerment

  • Participation

  • Holistic

  • Equitable

  • Partnering

  • Sustainable

  • Multi-faceted

Tengo 5 compañeros que viven de este inglés

great with feedback, organized my classes quickly and responded to any/all requests. Highly recommended. The classes were great value, also.

Luke Palmer, on facebook

I would highly recommend to other foreigners the opportunity to either serve as a volunteer, or those just passing through Medellin to stop in

Jared Sofa, Medellín en 3